New York Surety Bonds Protect Businesses in the State of New York


New York surety bonds are contracts that are popular, especially in the area of small businesses in New York. A surety bond is a contract between a principal, an obligee, and a surety. A principal is a person, or, more likely, a business who needs the bond. An obligee is an agency or business requiring the bond. In some cases, the obligee is a government agency. The surety is the insurance company who is ensuring that the person or business who needs the bond (the principal) can meet the obligations of the bond. Surety bonds protect the obligee from default by a principal, such as a contractor defaulting on an obligation to a business. If the contractor defaults, another contractor must be found or the obligee must be compensated for the financial loss.

Understanding New York surety bonds may be complicated at first, but they are strong contracts that protect small businesses, and they are commonly used for small businesses, particularly government agencies.

Insurance for the Obligee

A surety bond is a form of insurance for the obligee. If the bond is not met, the obligee can file a claim.

Credit for the Principal

A surety bond is also a form of credit for the principal or the person who needs the bond. The money is paid back on credit to the surety or the insurance company. All monies of the bond must be paid plus any legal costs. In addition, an indemnity agreement will be required by the surety. This agreement means that the principals corporate and personal assets are collateral to reimburse the insurance company or surety for any legal costs or claims. So even though you have to pay for any claims, and you have to enter into a surety with 100 percent collateral, these bonds give you the opportunity to receive credit.

When you have to work with a surety bond, you’ll want to work with a surety company. If you live in the New York area, a New York surety bonds company is where you would go. They will explain all details about surety bonds and the various types available – bid, payment, performance, and ancillary. One of the most important functions of these companies is that they protect you, the principal, against any false claims. Therefore a professional bond agent can work on your behalf. There are many different surety bonds in New York, and they can help you and your business determine which bond is right for you.

Being in the New York area will have specific factors that may affect your bond. Whether you have limited risk bond or high-risk bond will determine what qualifications and rules apply.

When working with a surety bonds expert, make sure they are licensed to issue bonds in the state of New York. Do a thorough check of surety bonds professionals before working with them. Get all of your preliminary questions answered before you proceed.