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The Essential Guide To The Misconceptions Of Animal Control Toronto Services

animal control
animal control

When one thinks of animal control, one typically imagines a service called out by the public to remove animals from challenging environments. In Canada, the most common conception is for squirrel and raccoon removal; however, this is only one side of the animal control service as there are numerous other types of animals that need assistance. Unfortunately, despite the positive service animal control provides, there are various negative misconceptions that are associated with animal control services. This article provides information on the myths of animal control Toronto services in an aim to debunk them and educate the readers.

1. Animal Control Works With Dogs And Cats Exclusively

Any individual who has watched an animal control show on television or spent a day with animal control agents will agree that this statement is definitely false. Irrespective of whether an animal control shelter is operated and funded by the public authority or is privately run, they will provide assistance to animals of all breeds and types. The aim of a control shelter is to provide human assistance for animals in need and this extends to all animals ranging from horses and hamsters to dogs and cats.

2. Animals In Shelters Are Dangerous

Another common misconception is that animals found in animal control Toronto shelters have behavioral problems and are dangerous. This is entirely incorrect as many animals are brought to the shelter as a last resort in their circumstances. By this, we are referring to instances where an individual cannot care for the pet any longer due to whatever reason (eviction, relocation) and there is a need for the animal’s needs to be met elsewhere. The owners opt to place these animals in shelters for the pet’s best interest instead of leaving him/her abandoned on the street to starve.

3. Elimination Of Adoption Fees Results In Animals Being Placed In Unsuitable Homes

Many people will choose to adopt a pet from a shelter as a “rescue animal” providing an animal in need with a loving home. The majority of animal control Toronto services often sponsor free adoption days where individuals are able to adopt a pet without having to pay any adoption fees. Strangely, many people feel that the animals up for adoption on these sponsored days are better behaved and will adopt them irrespective of their ability to care for the animal. This is not true at all. To date, there is no proven correlation between money and love and adopted animals are placed in loving homes irrespective of the fees being removed or present.

4. Wild Animals Are Happier In Nature

It is a belief that the wilder animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, will be happier if released into the forest as opposed to taken to an animal control shelter. This is not necessarily true as a trapped animal (squirrel or raccoon) may become injured and releasing them into the wild could be dangerous. While the forest may be a natural environment, their security as an injured animal is reduced and they will be at risk of attack from other animals. It is seen in these cases that removal to an animal shelter is best for the animal to recover from any distress or injuries.