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How Do You Do App Marketing?

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If you are like most online marketers, you are probably wondering how you can expand your list of marketing channels to include app marketing. Well, it is really easy. Just as there are pay-per-click (PPC) advertising networks on the Internet where you can create an advertiser account and manage advertising campaigns, there are also ad advertising networks where you can create an advertiser account and post your ads. But then, how does it work?

Well, app marketing pretty much works the same way as pay-per-click advertising. Once you create a campaign, your ad will appear on relevant spaces. In this case, the relevant spaces mean that the apps people are using. How does PPC differ from apps advertising? Well, there are several star differences.

One is the payout method. Most apps advertising networks charge you a few cents to a few dollars per download, although there are those that charge pay-per-action after a certain number of downloads is reached.

There are many ad networks out there for app marketing and while they offer the same thing, just like in PPC advertising, they are not created alike. The difference that makes the difference is the number of active profiles in their network. PPC relies on a network of third-party websites to access different customer. Apps advertising, on the other hand, relies on a network of third-party apps.
If you have ever used free apps that are heavy in advertising, you already know a thing or two on how it all works. Once a customer downloads your app, or clicks on the link to your website if this is your preferred destination for the ads, you will be charged.

In order to succeed in this marketing method, you need to make sure that the advertising network that is extensive. As we said before, there are many networks out there through which you can circulate your ad, however, you need to make sure that there are enough apps in the network. More importantly, you need to ensure that the total number of unique profiles (read: people) who are using the apps number at least two billion.

Let us repeat that. In order to succeed in apps marketing, you need to make sure that the total number of people using all the apps in the ad network is at least two billion. Do not worry because the large networks have that kind of number, even more.

Why the need for a large number? Because advertising is basically a numbers game, which means that the more people see your ads, the higher the number of downloads. In the reverse, if there aren’t that many people who see your ads, you won’t get as many reactions to your ads. It is that simple.

In order to find the best ad networks for app marketing (, use Google by typing in “apps advertising network” and add the word “review”. Make sure to read not one, but several reviews so you can get an accurate gauge on which networks are worth your time.